About Trade-Test.com

Based in London but with international experience, and having been trading professionally since he was old enough to begin, William Harton shares his knowledge and experience through detailed reviews of both established, well known brokers as well as some of those which are less well known. Through his extensive testing and use of each of these platforms, you can confidently choose which one is best for you as you embark on your journey into trading stocks, forex, commodities or even bitcoin for financial gain. Although there are many such trading platforms available, William thoroughly examines each one pointing out the distinct advantages and disadvantages that each broker offers.

Working through the basics of how extensive a range of tradable instruments each broker offers and the ease of opening an account to more detailed questions of security and the available educational tools, William has put every trading platform under his intense, professional scrutiny and delivered a trustworthy guide to enable you to choose one for you with confidence.

You may imagine that all of the companies William reviews offer more or less the same thing but that is simply not the case. Most brokers offer bonus incentives for your initial deposit which may lead you to choose the one with the biggest bonus – that seems obvious, right? Well, not exactly. What if the currencies or stocks you want to trade are not available on that platform or perhaps the commission fees will quickly eat up any “bonus” you have received? Only by carefully examining the expert reviews, each carefully constructed to give you all the information you need, can you make an informed choice. William has done the work for you and presented each platform in a way that you can contrast and compare each one before deciding to make a deposit.

So don’t hesitate, check through the reviews, visit the broker sites through the convenient links at the bottom of each review and prepare to enter the exciting and rewarding world of online trading!